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Last holiday was marked by the fourth edition of Pé na Tábua TT (Tira Teima) in Barra Bonita. The event, organized by Tiago Songa, his brother and a group of self-sacrificing old motorcycle enthusiasts, is turning into one of the most entertaining encounters of restorers and motorcycles collectors. Fun and rich in spectacular machines, wide smiles and lots of friendship. Barra Bonita, located on the banks of the Tietê River, in the west of the State of São Paulo is very far, say some. Perhaps it is, perhaps not, but the distance from big cities helps to keep it as a family event, attracts the local people, from nearby cities, the tourists looking for the navigable part of Tietê river, but mainly, some of the main collectors of the country and Its rare motorcycles.

The extremely rare and stunning water-cooled DKW 1927 from the Orbio Max Borba collection – Photo by Miguel Costa Jr. / MotoStory


The basis of the event is the idea led by Tiago Songa and his troupe, who started a fun challenge of vintage cars years ago, prompting collectors to put their jewelry in a competition. Informal, fun, chalanges includes speed, regularity and, in the case of cars, a “slower” competition. It turns out that, many of those who like old cars also like old motorcycles. Thus, in a prior event “only for classic cars” they creat the first motorcycle challenge, the TT, or “Tira Teima”. The success was so great that already in the second year it was necessary to separate the car and motorcycle themes.




Since its second edition, already separated from the cars, the PNT-TT chooses a theme, a brand to be honored, encouraging collectors to bring to the eyes of the public rare copies, mostly belonging to closed private collections.


Pé na Tábua TT in Barra Bonita honored German centenary Zundapp – Photo: Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


This year the honored brand was the German Zundapp, which completes 100 years since its founding in 1917.

Pé na Tábua TT in Barra Bonita honored German centenary Zundapp – Photo: Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


To celebrate the date Motostory – The History of the Motorcycle in Brazil – was also there, reinforcing the importance of recovering the memory of the characters who helped to build our market. Sport characters were once again remembered and had their images displayed both in the pavilion and on the track.


Brazilian Motorcycling Hall of Fame: Our idols will never be forgotten. Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


Our idols will never be forgotten: Carlão Coachman, precursor of the Trial in Brazil and former manager of Brazilian motorcycling – Photo: Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


Hall of Fame: Edmar Ferreira, Gualtiero and Paolo Tognocchi, Walter Tucano Barchi


Walter Tucano Barchi exposed in the Go Kart Circuit in Barra Bonita during the Pé na Tábua – TT – Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


We also made the preview of the Motostory Collection, with the shirts with prints of Motorcycle Idols, Hall of Fame, and the Antique Ads line, as well as sweatshirts and caps.


Motostory Collection’s Pop Up Store present at Pé Na Tábua, previewing the Hall of Fame Collections and Antique Ads Brazil – Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


Motostory Cap Snapback Perforated Straight Snap – Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


Motostory Collection Caps – Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory


Another highlight of the Motostory Collection is the women’s product line, specially created to meet the growing demand of women: fashion having motorcycles as a theme. Initially the women’s collection features baby look t-shirts, shoulder drop and regatão, plus the sweatshirt to warm the winter that begins today. Soon new models will be presented designed exclusively for women.


T-Shirt Template “Fallen Shoulder” from the Motostory Collection Old Brazilian Ads – Photo Wel Calandria / Frame Studio / Motostory


Motostory men’s and women’s sweatshirt are part of the new collection – Photo Wel Calandria / Frame Studio / Motostory


They are quality products, designed and made especially for the Motostory Collection. The complete line will soon be on sale through E-Commerce www.motostoryshop.com.br (still under construction), also in some stores and events.


In addition to the clothing, Motostory also exhibited the 1974 Montesa Cota 247 with which Carlão Coachman, one of the Trial pioneers in Brazil, practiced his favorite sport.


The Montesa Cota 247 of 1974 with which Carlão Coachman began the practice of the Trial in Brazil – Photo Miguel Costa Jr. / Motostory



Pé na Tábua TT: Erick and Katia, Tiago Songa, Vinicius Caires, Justiniano Proença, Jairo Portilho, Hadys Jurassic, Rodrigo Aragão, Dimas de Mello Pimenta II, Orbio Max Borba, Robson Pauli

Photographers Wel Calandria and Miguel Costa Jr

Motostory – The History of the Motorcycle in Brazil

Sponsorship: COBREQ

Co-Sponsorship: RIFFEL and GERMAN TIRES

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