Riffel and Motostory together in 2017

Riffel has just confirmed the sequence in the partnership with the Motostory project – The History of the Motorcycle in Brazil. Another excellent news for a year that promises many new features with the project progress.

Riffel confirms the renewal of the partnership with Motostory in 2017 … Happy New Year to all of us. History thanks!

The quest for the stories of those who formed the fifth largest motorcycle market in the world is a constant work of research and requires discretion and exemption. A job that requires time, dedication, patience and resources. Knowing that a company like Riffel understood our purpose and that continues to support us, gives us even more enthusiasm and energy to move forward.

Riffel began its activities as a parts manufacturer.


Riffel, parts and equipment manufacturer, renews partnership with Motostory.

Coincidence or not, we can celebrate the fact with the launch of the brand’s new mascot, as press released bellow.

To the friends of the Riffel, our thanks again for the confidence.

To Riffito, welcome!

With modern and technological design, Riffito is presented as a new mascot of Riffel Motospirit.

Motorcycle parts and safety clothing company for motorcyclists looking for new alternatives to dialogue with consumers.

In the most different market segments, innovating and pursuing a closer and open dialogue with consumers has been essential for brand consolidation. Riffel Motospirit reinforces this idea by launching its new mascot, Riffito. Created by the agency Sambba, Florianópolis, it will engage with the public and passionate about the two-wheeled segment in a lighter and intrinsic way, in addition to presenting the company and the line of equipment in the media, points of sale and different Events in Brazil and Latin America.

Riffel launches the mascot RIFFITO, which will be present in all the company campaigns in 2017.

The creation process, from initial research to 3D modeling, lasted around four months. Riffito embodies the attributes of the brand, which are: technology, agility, performance, safety, durability and reliability. The design, draftingt was carried out internally by the Sambba agency. The 3D modeling, the refined features, the personality, the details of the final art and the post-production were done by Studio Amello, from Porto Alegre. “We researched several references, discussed the values and characteristics of the Riffel brand, more specifically in the motorcycle industry, we defined the styles, the traits, the colors, and finally the construction of the mascot. We sketch the first form of the Riffito and elaborate a more detailed layout. The last step was 3D modeling and finishing, in which we obtained the final image of Riffito and his various poses, “says Alencar Decker, Director of the Sambba agency.


The choice of name went through several possibilities within the brand universe. A few more fun, some more generic, were analyzed until the choice of Riffito, which was preferred because it was more intuitive, sonorous and easy to fix. “Riffito is much more than just a character, he comes to reinforce our team and embody the attributes of our brand,” explains André Munhoz Moreira, Marketing of Riffel Motospirit.


Data sheet Riffito:

Agency: Sambba

Art Direction by Pedro Ripoll

Creation Direction: Chico Decker

Planning: Alencar Decker

Attendance: Manuela Crepaldi Feltrin and Alencar Decker

Graphic Production: Loredana Verzeletti

Studio: Amello Illustration

More information about Riffel at http://www.riffel.com.br/

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