Motostory and advertising in 1974

A lot happened in Brazil in 1974. Yamaha opened its factory in Guarulhos and started a new phase of the national motorcycle industry with the production of the first RD 50. Honda also already had its subsidiary, but still sold “only “Imported”, while BMW was represented in Brazil by Munich Trade Company and the off-road champions, HUSQVARNA were imported by KJF Wolff from Rio de Janeiro.

The official importer of BMW motorcycles in Brazil in 1974 was the MUNICH COMMERCIAL IMPORTADORA DE VEÍCULO LTDA

That was when the magazine 2 Rodas Motociclismo was born, with the Uruguayan rider Gustavo Cerdeña, constant visitor of the motocross and roadracing races here in Brazil, at the magazine’s front page. Gustavo rode a Maico and the photo was taken in a motocross race in Ribeirão Preto, won by “The Bull of Paraná” Nivanor Bernardi.

Cover of the edition number 1 of the 2 Rodas Motociclismo in July / August of 1974. The Uruguaian rider Gustavo Cerdeña, ridting a Maico, was the personage of the cover. The event happened in Ribeirão Preto, SP.

When a new business or new product is born, it is often necessary to have courageous advertisers to launch the first edition. Here are all the advertisers of issue number 1 of the magazine, who almost blindly bet on a successful recipe that, after more than 40 years, remains firm in Brazilian newsstands.

Jotas Snack advertising in 1974 – “There are only two!”

I am proud to say that I participated very closely in this story between 1982 and 1996, and that I am still have the editors and journalists as good friends after so many years.

Eliseo Domingos made the exhaust pipes in 1974 – at General Osório street.

Duas Rodas marked an era and continues making history!

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