Motostory Minutes with Polé Lafer de Jesus

In a chat with one of his sons while preparing this post, I heard the following from Rica “Cave Man” Lancellotti: “History can not be bought on the corner, either you are or nothing!”

Minimoto’s homemade production used a Ducati Cucciolo engine, famous for transforming the former factory of transmitting radios into one of the most important motorcycle factories in history. In this case, the motto is a Polé invention… “Just to register: … the year was 64-65 and I was crazy to have one … as I had not, I bought a Ducati Cucciolo for bicycles In small parcels … I drew everything in the pink paper of the coffe shop and Mr. Sante Bergamo helped me to make the chassis… hehe … I called it MiniMoto “- Photo Polé

The more we study about the ups and downs of Brazilian motorcycle market and its evolution, the more we realize that things do not happen by accident.

As the tradition is old, its ideas and achievements have been subject of reporting several times, always creative and low cost solutions. – Photo reproduction Duas Rodas Magazine / Motostory Collection

The surname Lancellotti is famous in Brazil, either by the sports commentator and cook Silvio (who is not the subject of this matter) or Luciano KDra Lancellotti, this rather a legitimate Motostory, as well as his father, Polé, who Granted this interview (a conversation, in fact) kindly filmed by his son KDra.

Edson Lobo (blue helmet) and Polé (white helmet) during photographic production in the 1960s – Photo Collection Edson Lobo / Motostory

It was thus, on the basis of total improvisation, that these Motostory Minutes could be recorded through a cell phone, opening a new window of Motorcycle History in Brazil, the Lancellotti family.

Edson Lobo was responsible for hiring Polé Lafer for Editora Abril in the 1960s – Photo Collection Edson Lobo / Motostory

As the friend Vinicius Caires said the other day, “The only way we can tell this story is to sew this huge patchwork together.”

Besides Polé, his children, Ricardo and Luciano, just to talk about the next generation:

Rica Lancelotti trial rider in the 80’s, next to Carlão Coachman with Caio salerno in the background – Foto personal collection


Rica Lancelotti trial rider in the 80’s – Foto personal collection


Luciano KDra freeriding with his Trial Motorcycle – Photo Luciano KDra archives


Luciano KDra freeriding with his Trial Motorcycle – Photo Luciano KDra archives


From left: Luiz, grandson, Rika, son, Polé, and Luciano KDra, son – Reproduction Luciano KDra archives




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