Motostory and Mug Events at Eicma 2017

Milan Hall EICMA by MUG Events in partnership with Motostory

The Motostory project – The History of the Motorcycle in Brazil and Mug Events, an agency specialized in Incentives actions, are partnering to promote more than special trips. Carlãozinho Coachman, creator of Motostory, and Marcello Ugolini have known each other since childhood, when they attended high school together. The friendship was born in school, but was strengthened, among other things, by the passion that both nourish the motorcycle. An Brazilian native Italian, Marcello lived in Italy for years, establishing solid foundations for the creation of his company, MUG Events, a specialist in international travel and incentive programs. With great experience in business service, Mug Events also decided to open its packages to the final customer, or “individual”, offering its experience to anyone who wants to enjoy different service in major international events.

In addition to the latest launches, EICMA reserves in each edition an area dedicated to the history of the motorcycle – Mug Events Mug Events


At the company portfolio there are big International Tennis Tournaments, football matches in Europe like EuroCup, MotoGP, traditional Bicycle and Formula 1 events, among others, always offering packages with unique and exclusive attractions such as driving a Ferrari in Maranello, or even a Formula 1 car on different circuits.


The EICMA shares with the Munich Exhibition in Germany the launch of great new world models every year – Foto Mug Events


To mark the beginning of the partnership with Motostory, Mug Events has created a special product for those who want to see up close the biggest motorcycle launches at the Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy, or EICMA, where the world’s leading manufactures present news models every year, and also brings together an exhibition of customized bikes, classic and historical motorcycles.


In addition to the latest launches, EICMA reserves at every edition an area for the history of the motorcycle – Foto Mug Events


The package also includes the possibility of a guided tour to the Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale, adjacent to the factory. The transport to the museum can be done by a bus or van offered by Mug Events and its agents, or by renting BMW motorcycles in Milan, all taken care by Marcello himself and his partners.

The EICMA shares with the Munich Exhibition in Germany the launch of great new world models every year – Foto Mug Events

“We always try to offer packages where we can operate our groups directly, in a unique and exclusive service. Every time we involve third parties in our operations the service was not the same, so we chose to remain a boutique company, a specialist in quality events.” Marcello explained when presenting us his work and offering this partnership with Motostory. “I noticed an increasing demand on the part of the Brazilians for different events in Europe and even in the United States, escaping a little from the service of the big agencies. As we personally make all the bookings involved in each of the packages, we end up specializing in finding differentiated and unique attractions for each trip. Even big events like Roland Garros, Formula 1 Monaco GP or a MotoGP stage can offer much more than the obvious, and that’s where Mug Events makes a difference.” “Carlãozinho is above all a great friend … always. Now that the Motostory is starting to bear fruit, we’ve decided to offer to motorcycle fans a choice of international travel options, and Eicma 2017 is just the first. We are preparing a package of options already for 2018. It’s wait and see.” – Concludes Ugolini.

The EICMA as well as other world events, does not resist the retro wave that has invaded the world industry – Photo Mug Events


To see more about the trip option offered by MUG Events, especially about the EICMA Milan Show 2017, check http://www.mugevents.com/eicma



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