Zezo Ponticelli at Motostory

Yesterday was the day to receive another character from our story here at Motostory’s office! Zezo Ponticelli came to know our facilities closely and to prepare new meetings to tell us his stories as a rider and businessman of the field.


Carlos Pavan, nickname Jacaré, and Zezo Ponticelli – Photo Collection Zezo Ponticelli / Motostory


It was a day of laughter, tears, remembering conquests, defeats, joys and furstrations, full and true stories of those who have always lived the motorcycle world intensely.


Ramon Macaia, Antonio Bernardo Neto, Walter Tucano Barchi, Zezo Ponticelli and Eduardo Luzia – Photo Collection Zezo Ponticelli / Motostory


Soon, the stories of this legitimate representative of the series TZudos!


P.S .: We know it (publication post correction) should not be done, but come on, it’s just the first day of the site up. We promise the enlarged photo that Zezo holds in his hands magnified, so there it goes. The story and the reason for the doodle should be told by them, Milton Benite, Vail Paschoalin and Zezo. He confessed … it was he who did the scribbles himself!

The photo scrawled by Zezo: In it appear Vail and Wilson Paschoalin, with Milton Benite – Photo collection Milton Benite / Motostory



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