Panades family is Motostory

The Panades family is one of those that has been working in Brazilian motorcycling for generations, always occupying a prominent position, whether in sports, industry or in the area of commerce and services. Many people have heard of Miguel Panades, a constant character in the motorcycle market, who was once a pilot, owner of a dealer and a mechanic preparer. Miguel, a friend of Aurelio and Coelho “Since always”, has close connection with the Barros family, having been part of his own story Alexander in several stages of his career, as well as his son Lucas.

Miguel Panades (4th), Marcelo Scalopi (2nd), Netinho (1st) in Interlagos, April 1980 – Photo collection Panades / Motostory – P.S .: Third place was not identified. Can anyone help us?

Others know the family bacause, at some point. he took a riding course with his son Leandro Panades, himself an excellent motorcycle race rider with extensive experience on competition.

Leandro Panades with 8 or 9 years old, riding a Yamaha TT 125 – photo collection Panades / Motostory

The father, Miguel, tried to offer the best opportunities to the son as soon as he got on a motorcycle.

Team Panades (Leandro is the rider) in the World Motorcycle Championship (latter MotoGP) in the late Jacarepaguá circuit, Rio de Janeiro, in 2001, class. 125 – Photo personal collection
Leandro Panades today shares his knowledge with other motorcyclists in riding courses – Photo Vinicius Ferraz / personal collection

All these “Panadeses” are from the world of motorcycle, motorcyclists and dealers, trainers and riders. All live and breathe motorcycles, actually live for and torught motorcycle activities. But what many people do not know is that the passion for two wheels started a generation earlier, with another Miguel.

Centauro Cup in Interlagos, 1973. Miguel Angelo Panades Carrilo was seventh in the outer ring race and twelfth in the complete track, with a Suzuki 350 – Photo Archives Panades / Motostory

Miguel Panades Valles, the forerunner of the family in the motorcycle theme, was, among other things, a Monark employee when the company manufactured / assembled the famous Jawa in Brazil.

Parade of September 7th, 1958, in the neighborhood Pacaembú, in São Paulo. The second in the middle row is Miguel Panades Valles, then employee of Monark, manufacturer in Brazil of the Jawa 250. All bikes in this parade are Jawa Monark – Photo Collection Panades / Motostory

As you can see, this story can not be told “only” in this post. Thus, it is our commitment (Panadeses and Motostory) to show the details of another Brazilian motorcycle saga.


Carlãozinho, Leandro (with the photo of the grandfather in his hand) and Miguel Panades with his own photo of the pilot times – Foto Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory


“Panadeses” are Motostory!

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