Veteran Motorcycle and Motostory Together

Last week, a meeting sealed the partnership between the Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil and the Motostory project – The History of the Motorcycle in Brazil. The Veteran was created in 1979 and is presently chaired by Justiniano Proença, who own an amazing collection of motorcycles, documents, miniatures and mobiliarium.

Justiniano Proença and Carlãozinho, together for our history! – Photo Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory


All this collection is tight inside an old warehouse waiting for the new building, already in advanced works and that should be inaugurated in approximately 3 months. “The new space will be great for exposing our completed bikes, documents, and other things. In this building we will put the workshop to work again, the bikes that are still waiting to be restored and a bar, to welcome friends and fans of old motorcycles. “ – explained Justiniano!


Justiniano Proença (Pres. Of the Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil) “A new space is been prepared. This one is already tight.” – Photo Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory


For those who like old motorcycles, the place is absolutely charming and the lack of space is evident, we could not even get close to some of the bikes stored there, all of them true gems.


The incredible collection of Justiniano Proença, looking at his father photos (Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil). Passion passed from father to son, through generations – Foto Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory

“Every motorcycle we’ve added to our collection has a history, it has a binder with all the information we get from it.” Many of them we have the names of previous owners, workshop and owner’s manuals, and as much technical information as possible. The history of our work on the bike is also recorded.When we need to restore, who did and what did on the bike. “

A Mondial of 48 cc, a dream of the young Milton Benite in the garage of Justiniano Proença (Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil) – Photo Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory

“We wanted to be very detailed in this, but we still need to find original records of when our bikes were used in Brazil in their times, and who used them, and I believe this will be one of Motostory’s main contributions.”

Milton Benite and one of his dreams in his youth: the Mondial 48cc. Photo Collection Milton Benite / Motostory

In the middle of so many interesting things, the time passed quickly, but it was possible to recognize several remarkable bikes that appear in the stories of the people and families which Motostory is working. Some are the same, others the motorcycles themselves. This is the case of the famous Matchless 500 that belonged to the Ceccarelli family and was used for years by three generations before being sold to Justiniano.

The legendary Matchless 500 of the Ceccarelli family in the collection of Justiniano Proença (Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil) – Foto Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory


Constant Ceccarelli and his Matchless 500. Today this bike belongs to Justiniano Proença collection. Photo Ceccarelli Family / Motostory

Mario Tognocchi’s Puch moped prepared by Walter Bernardino is there, as well as the story about the technician’s death. It was with a Caloi Mobilette competitor of this Puch that Alex Barros started in the world of the competitions in Interlagos in 1978.

Mario Tognocchi moped prepared by Walter Bernardino – Photo Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory


The report on the death of Walter Bernardino, technician of Mario Tognocchi and his Puch (Acervo Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil) – Foto Carlãozinho Coachman / Motostory

“I believe in the work developed by Motostory and its importance. I think it deserves our full support and we intend to help in everything that is within our reach … I say in advance that our collection of motorcycles and documents is available for research, exhibition and any other Action that will help us to spell out our history. We are all Motostory! “

Veteran Motorcycle Club do Brasil Logo


Thank you Justiniano and Veteran … for the partnership and the confidence placed in our work!

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