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Wel Calandria clicked by his friend Denis Ribeiro “behind the scenes” of our “Super Production” Classic Riders Brazil and Motostory partnership

The art of motorcycle, the art of photography, a cool event and a lot of cool people. Add to this two crazy guys and an idea: “Let’s take beautiful motorcycle pictures at Pé na Tábua event 2017? And Do it as the great art calendars are?”

Do you know what? Despite the difficulties this guy has fun and keeps the good mood all the time. Wel Calandria by Denis Ribeiro “behind the scenes” of Super Production Classic Riders Brazil and Motostory at Pé na Tábua 2017.

It looks like cake recipe, but it’s not.

“Got it? If you agree, I can leave from Indaiatuba to São Paulo, just to pick up your equipment and take it to Barra Bonita, good for you? It will be easy, believe me! You can take a ride with Royal Enfield guys, and stay to spend the weekend, even with no room to sleep. We can take a couple of sleeping bags, and you can sleep there at the expo pavilion, almost freezing, under the Motostory tent. What do you think? I will not tell anyone our story, okay? At least you can take some great pictures at dawn, taking advantage of the twilight of the night. We bring that old canvas, old and torn, put it in the background and, I’m sure, it will look amazing. What’s up? I bet someone will ask to buy these photos, trust me. ”

With an eye on Wel, by Denis Ribeiro

Wel Calandria answer you can see at the photo gallery we produce together. A partnership between Classic Riders Brasil and Motostory, with the Denis Ribeiro support. It took time to get published, but here it is.

Let Wel Calandria in the pavilion at night, unable to sleep because of the frozen cold … look at the result. Art!

We hope you like the photos as much as we do.

“Thanks for the partnership, Wel Calandria, always!” In the picture myself, Carlãozinho Coachman, Fabiano Rabelo (left) and Rodrigo Hadys (right) – Photo Wel Calandria – Classic Riders Brazil / Motostory


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