Ambassador Yasuda

My earliest memories of Wilson Yasuda take me to the Honda Rider Center, the one that existed near Ibirapuera Park, next to the Detran building in São Paulo many years ago. Older than me, but younger than my father, Carlão Coachman,  I have always seen him as a very serious person. At the begining our contact was … small, just a blink, but over the years, as I got older and he became more important in Honda Brazil, the more contact we had.

Wilson Yasuda in his early years at Honda Brasil – Photo personal collection

His involvement with the sport also made him a friend of my father, an intense conviviality that several times placed them on opposite sides of the table, although both were fighting there for what they believed to be the best for the sport.

The Mafia: Yasuda (from left to right), Benite (5th) and Wilson Paschoalin (6th) … for others we need their help to identify … Photo archive Milton Benite / Motostory

If you live or work with Japanese people, even those born or raised in Brazil, you know that they have a typical personality: they listen a lot, speak less and act quietly until things are in place.

At the top, Tsuboia, on the floor Ono, Yasuda, Paco, Wilson and Vail Paschoalin … 70’s, Interlagos – Photo personal collection / Wilson Yasuda

Throughout our years of living together, we, too, faced situations where we were on the opposite side … sometimes sport was the theme, or journalism during my years of Motorcycling Magazine. Sometimes our interests were different, sometimes not, but I always looked at him with admiration and respect. One day we received an award from Dirt Action / Moto Action magazines at the same night, within the same event. My speech was shortly after his: “It is a pleasure for me to be here today, sharing this award with people like Mr. Wilson Yasuda, whom I admire and respect. I would like to say to you guys and my friends here tonight, that with you, I feel home.” Were my words that night.

Yasuda couple promoting Motostory – Photo personal collection

But as I do not believe in coincidences, the creation of the Motostory project happened almost at the same time that he retired from Honda after 4 decades of services. That’s when I met another Yasuda, the Motostory Ambassador. A funnier person, very open mind and a better and closer friend.

Wilson Yasuda, Motostory Ambassador, taking our brand through Brazil – Photo personal collection

It was when he volunteered to be one of the most active persons on advertising and promoting our project, and like a few, spread our brand across the country. His Facebook posts have also taken the project to unimaginable places and business officess, spreading our toughts.


Soon, we’ll have more to tell you about this fearless Samurai and its trajectory in Motorcycle History in Brazil!

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